Holistic Financial Planning

Depending on ones age and situation, we customize our approach to our clients’ needs. Our Wealth Building Game Plan is meant to establish a financial coaching relationship for you and your family that is especially crafted to your specific financial priorities. Through a thorough conversation and analysis of your current financial position and what you are trying to accomplish in life, we will put together a step by step plan to help you get there.
Our Wealth Building Game Plan focuses on the four quadrant of personal finance: Cash Flow Management, Tax Planning, Estate Preservation and Investment Positioning. We also help clients with Business Guidance and College Funding Plans.

Cash Flow Management

One of the keys to becoming financially successful is the ability to control cash flow. We put a great emphasis on helping our clients with little tweaks in what they do, so that they can put more money towards improving their lifestyle now and in the future.

Tax Planning

Being tax efficient will keep more money in your pocket. That makes sense. However, most people think they need defer taxes today as much as possible, however depending on your situation, it might be the wrong thing to do.
We look at tax efficiency as a long-term planning process. We want our clients to keep more money in their pocket today but also to balance that with tax control in retirement. The more efficient you are in retirement means the less need for gross income you will need.

Estate Preservation

Estate Preservation can be as simple as making sure that a young family has a will to identify who would take care of the kids if something happened to the parents to creating trusts for efficient inheritance of family assets. Depending your situation, you need the proper documents in place.

Investment Positioning

We position our client depending on their needs. With the understanding of when the money will be needed, we can deploy the funds into the right type of account and into a specific allocation to meet that goal.
We have developed proprietary Tactical Management Strategy which helps our clients lowering the risk of large losses. Our goal is to smooth out portfolio fluctuation.
As you can see, our process is thorough and customized to each client.

Business Guidance

Many of our clients are small business owners. They have specific needs and require guidance in maintaining a healthy growing organization. Similarly, to the “Pay Yourself First” principle we preach our individual clients, we tell our clients to make their business work for them. This enable them to satisfy their family needs while pushing them to innovate in their business.
We also guide them through the process of structuring a benefit package that will not only attract but also retain satisfied employees.

College Affordability Planning

A large number of our clients have teenage students at home. While developing a plan to reach their own personal goals, they also have concerns about being able to help their kids pay for college. They understand the issue students are facing today and would like their children to avoid becoming in debt for their education.
For those reasons, we feel it is important to counsel our clients in the process of helping their kids getting into the right major, at the right school for the right price. We have partnered up with professionals around the country that offers college planning services for our clients.

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