At Retirement

Goals & Concern:
  • Need to figure out their benefits like pension, Medicare, Social Security
  • Want retirement income that will not run out
  • Want to be able to enjoy their retirement
  • Do not want to be a burden for their kids
  • Want to give inheritance
  • Nervous of not being able to retire


They are wondering if they will be to able to live the retirement they dreamed of

Our “At Retirement” clients have had successful careers. They have worked for the last 35-40 years and are looking forward to finally slowing down and taking time to smell the roses. They would like to travel more and spoil the grand-kids. They had a lot on their plates over the years: Paying for kids education, taking care of parents… But now it is time for them to enjoy their golden years. However, they might be nervous about having enough money set aside for retirement. The last thing they want is to have to go back to work or being restricted in retirement.

They feel a little overwhelm with the decisions they need to take

They started to look into the information they need to figure out and understand that they really only have one shot in using the benefits that they are entitled to. They thought that retirement would be simpler but are finding out that they have a lot to learn.

They might be nervous about the stock market. They have heard of many soon to retire seniors that needed to continue working because they suffered from a large loss in the markets right before retirement. They are looking to earn a healthy return on their investments but want to reduce the risk of large losses.

They might have had difficult experience as a caregiver

They had to take care of their parents because of the high cost of Long-Term Care. They want to make sure they are able to get the best care if they end up needing it without being a burden on their children.

They also want to be able to leave behind. They might want to establish a college fund for their grand-kids, create a family estate or support their favorite charity.

In the end, they want to live the way they envision retirement. Being able to live life to the fullest.

What we do for these clients

We start by listening to their stories and experiences

Whenever we start with a “At retirement” client, we take our time to figure out how they got here. Learning about their family, the values they live by, their concerns and what they would like to accomplish. This process might take a few meetings but it is very important for us to know exactly what the client needs.

We do a thorough analysis of their finances to identify any immediate need

We then go to work and create an analysis of their current financial position. The analysis is meant to find out if we can uncover holes in their current plan. Having not enough liquidity for example could mean that we might need to sell long-term investments to coverout flows. Once we have analyzed their situation, we can then look at what is needed to reduce risk.

We believe in Tactical Investment Management. This type of management tries to help reduce the risk of large losses by using nimble management. Too much risk in the market can trigger changes in our portfolios in the hope to protect them from having to take a larger proportion of their savings, to satisfy their income needs. The goal is to give our clients healthy investment returns without as much volatility.

We help them maximize every benefit they are entitled in receiving

We take a look at our clients benefits. Helping them with getting as much as they can from Social Security and their pensions if they are lucky enough to have one. We also make sure they use Medicare efficiently. We help them maximize every dollar they can get and save.

We discuss with them how they can accomplish very goal they have worked for

Many of our clients have seen the devastating effect of the high cost of Long-Term care. We help them create the right Long-TermCare plan for them which will use current income flows, accumulated assets and insurance to fulfill the need they might have. This way they will be able to dictate how they will receive care without spending too much on insurance.

Many of our clients are also proud to be able to help future generations. They would like to efficiently pass these assets to heirs. Estate planning that avoids taxes and large probate fees are designed for them to start giving now or after death.

We take a lot of pride in helping our senior clients create the retirement they dreamed of. They have worked hard for it.

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