Business Owner

Goals & Concern:
  • Want to continue building a strong company
  • Understand the need for exit strategy
  • Concerned about how next recession could hurt company
  • Would like help to retain current employees
  • Would love to pass business to kids
  • Wants to take full benefit of business ownership for personal needs


They are busy with the challenges of growing a business

Our “Business Owner” clients have a lot on their plate. Now that their business is growing, they are figuring out that they need help with some of the challenges growing businesses face. They might have issues such as employee turnover, tax efficiency, how-to invest for growth, when to hire employees…

They also understand the need to maintain discipline when growing the business. Gathering too much debt to boost growth, can sometime be problematic when the economy is not favorable.

They want to get the most out of their business

Being a business has significant advantages. Our government rewards entrepreneurs with many incentives to grow solid small businesses. They want to make sure that their hard work is helping their family get more out of life. They want someone that can guide them in maximizing business ownership.

They want to take care of their employees

Small business owners love their employees. They know that they wouldn’t have been able to grow the business on their own. They want to ensure their employees are taken care of and have many benefits from their employment. Entrepreneurs understand the value of having their team being happy. It is good business.

They think about succession plans

Our Small Business owner clients love what they do. They know that eventually they will need to move to the next phase of their lives by having someone take over the company. They might hope the kids will get into the family business but understand they might need a plan B.


What we do for these clients

We become their guide

Often times, our “Business Owner” clients have followed their passion into business creation. Many of them understand that there is a lot more to growing a business than being able to sell a widget. We become their guide in assembling the professional help they will need to maximize every dollar they earn but also every minute they have. There is often not enough time in a day for our “Business Owners” and having someone educate them on some challenges they might be facing can be a time savior.

We help them bring more to their families

As “Business Owners”, they have much more flexibility then employees do. We help balance what the business needs to grow while efficiently get what their family needs now and in the future. Depending on their goals, we can create a plan to attain them effectively.

We show them how to build a benefit package

Offering employees benefit is often good business. Not only are they happier at work but they often stay longer. Reducing employee turnover is an important part of increasing profitability. Therefore, when the business is ready, we put emphasis on helping our “Business Owner” clients implement a benefits package that will help them continue to grow the business efficiently.

A profitable business is a valuable one

Whether our “Small Business Owner” client end up leaving the business to his kids or selling it to an investor, the key to a great succession plan is profitability. We guide these clients to improving their business operations over time: helping them build a valuable business they can be proud of.

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