Empty Nesters

Goals & Concern:
  • Getting closer to retirement, want to make sure they are ready
  • Might want to start a new career
  • Thinking about downsizing
  • Also want to enjoy life while they are healthy
  • Might need to take care of their parents
  • Concerned about taxes as income is peaking


They can now focus on themselves

Our “Empty Nester” clients are having the time of their lives. Their kids are now on their own. They are now experiencing renewed freedom from not having to care for their children daily needs. They are treating themselves to what they have dreamed of for years. They might figure out that they would like to spend time enjoying life instead of having to maintain a large home. Many “Empty Nesters” will look to downsize.

They also have a focus towards retirement planning. They only have a few years left before they can really slow down. Their career is in overdrive and their income more than satisfy their needs. However, they feel the tax man pain. They would like more of their money to stay in their wallets instead of having to write such a large check to the IRS.

They want to reassess what they need to do to accomplish their financial goals

They would like to know if they still need their insurance, now that the kids are gone.

The “Empty Nesters” might be thinking of a new career as they might be pushed out at their current company or would just like to start fresh. They would like to know if they can afford to follow their heart.

Their parents are getting older and want to ensure that they are present for them. They might want have to become caretakers and they might be wondering if they are financially able to do so.

What we do for these clients

We help them figure out what they want now that the kids are gone

Our “Empty Nesters” are finally putting their focus on themselves and preparing for retirement. With them, we put a lot of importance in picturing their desired lifestyle they would like to maintain in retirement. As we are assessing their current situation, we help them discover when they will be able to retire.

We reassess their needs to get more out of every dollar they earn

Insurance coverage often depends on the responsibilities someone has. Now that the kids are gone, some of that responsibility might have went out the door with them. We would look into the possibility to let the “Empty Nesters” self-insure to help them become more efficient.

Efficiency might also mean downsizing into a smaller home or using techniques to lower taxes. We take a look at everything these clients can do to accomplish their goals faster.

If their goal is to start a fresh new career, we will work with them to find out how they can prepare their finances accordingly.

As they are concerned about the financial consequence of helping their parents with their care needs, we discuss with them proactive options they might be able to take. We help our “Empty Nester” clients to plan ahead for any circumstances.

Through the years, we are guiding in maximizing their money for the retirement they envisioned

Our “Empty Nester” clients are staring at the finish line. We work hard for them to rid of any unnecessary costs they might have. This way they will have more money to use for what is important to them.

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