Young Family

Goals & Concern:
  • Need to figure out their benefits like pension, Medicare, Social Security
  • Want retirement income that will not run out
  • Want to be able to enjoy their retirement
  • Do not want to be a burden for their kids
  • Want to give inheritance
  • Nervous of not being able to retire


They have lots of responsibility

Our “Young Family” clients are hard at work. They are trying to balance their career, their family activities and have a little fun. It’s not an easy feat! Their finances normally take a back seat and is often an after thought. However, they do have many things they want to accomplish but doesn’t really know where to start.

They are saving for retirement through their 401k at work. They don’t really have a concern about retirement right now but want to know if there are somewhat on track and not falling behind. They normally pick mutual funds for their 401k plan, but really do not understand much about investing. They might have been invested during the last market correction and didn’t like the feeling to temporarily lose a large portion of their accounts.

They want to balance their career and their family life

They have a growing career, but even though they are getting raises, they can’t seem to be able to save much. They normally resort to using debt/credit cards whenever they have a large purchase they want to make.
They might want to change career/job but sometimes feel like they are stuck in the one that they have because they need the income. They would like more flexibility to go after what they desire.
They want to balance their work and family lives. They love to take vacations and enjoy their kids as much as they can.

What we do for these clients

We start by analyzing where they are and what they want to accomplish

We look to building long-term relationships with our “Young Family” clients. Their time is very scarce therefore we normally manage to create their financial plan over a longer period of time. We take it step by steps with them while helping them create the necessary financial habits that they will need to establish to build wealth.
We start by getting a quick synopsis of their current situation understanding that life will happen and things will change. Their plan will be a living document. Our first step is to help them figure out their cash flow. Our goal is to slowly help them balance their needs, their wants and their contributions to future plans.

We help them build their financial foundation

We also take a look at their current risk. A catastrophe could devastate the family finances. Therefore, we take a look at every piece of needed insurance to transfer risk to insurance companies while building liquid portfolios for emergencies and short-term plans.
Once their financial foundation is strong, we can then put a focus on saving for long-term goals like retirement. A special focus on tax efficiency is now enforced. We are helping our clients avoid the retirement plan tax trap that many seniors are currently faced with. Instead of using Traditional retirement plans for all their future needs, we helped them diversify their types of accounts for current and future tax management.

We are educating these clients on how to gain Financial Freedom

During this whole process, we take time to educate our “Young Family” clients. We understand that savvy investors are normally more successful than others which might lack financial knowledge.
Our ultimate objective is to help them live the life they want without being restricted by their finances.

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